Are you looking for a place for your child to spend a few hours constructively in the company of other children under the care of qualified staff?

Indian Nursery Al Wadi Al Kabir is the place

Well-laid out and spacious, extensively equipped with play materials like jungle gym, slides, cycle, trolley and see-saw to develop basic motor skills as well as educational materials like blocks, puzzles and clay modelling for developing concentration, creativity, and finer motor skills.

Based on a progressive philosophy, we strongly believe that the initial formative period in the nursery school lays the foundation and leaves a lasting impression on a child's mind. Learning in the school is made enjoyable through the playway approach to education. The all-round development of the child is fostered by providing various experiences for observing, exploring and discovering.

The Nursery Programme is child centered, guided by dedicated and well-trained teachers who provide encouragement and support, in accordance with the developmental needs of children.

This nursery provides a stimulating and motivating environment to make learning an enjoyable experience before the child takes its first step to school life. There are separate rooms for the various activities such as a huge playhall that is equipped and fully air-conditioned, an audio-video room and a separate room for children to rest. An encouraging environment is created for children to have a pleasant snack time.

Salient Features

Individual attention
Stimulating and encouraging environment
Use of a variety of teaching aids and techniques
Opportunity for self-expression
Educational field trips
Celebration of various festivals to develop cultural values in the child
Fun games, concert, exhibition, and fancy dress programmes conducted throughout the year to encourage participation of the children as well as their parents A parent-teacher meeting held on the first Thursday of every month in which both parents and teachers discuss how they can work hand-in-hand to develop a more efficient way for the overall development of their child.