Aims / Objectives ECA/CCA
1. Provide relevant and concrete experiences to develop social, emotional, cognitive, language and motor skills.
2. Child-oriented curriculum based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence where learning is joyful, meaningful, developmental and activity based.
Concerts, games, sports, special assemblies, exhibition and other student friendly activities.

Primary and Middle School

Class Course ECA/CCA
Primary(I - V) First language - English
Second language - Hindi
Other subjects:
Mathematics, Environmental Science,
Physical and Health Education, Computer Science,Art and Craft, Hindustani & Western Music,Aerobics & Yoga (Classes III to V)
Concerts, games, sports, debates, elocution, quizzing, dramatics, etc.,
Middle(VI - VIII) First language - English
Second language - (VI - VIII) Hindi, Malayalam, French
Third language - (VI - VIII) Sanskrit, Malayalam,Arabic, Hindi
Other subjects:
Mathematics,Science, Life Skill, Social Science, Physical and Health Education, Work Experience(Computer Science), Art and Craft, Music and Dance
Scouting and Guiding ,Co-Scholastic Activities
Scientific, Mathematical and Literary clubs,Health Club,Yoga