How long will obtaining of the visa take after I have accepted the offer?

  • Obtaining an employment visa generally takes approximately 4 to 5 months.
    The processing of the visa goes through the following steps:
    a. Your acceptance of the offer and dispatch of all documents asked for.
    b. Submitting your original documents to the Ministry of Education, Oman (MOE) along with the employment format, through the Board of Directors of Indian Schools.
    c. Obtaining approval from the MOE for employing you.
    d. Obtaining Work Permit (Labour Clearance) from the Ministry of Manpower after submitting the MOE approval.
    e. Obtaining Medical Fitness certificate from Oman govt. authorized /approved GAMCA medical centers in India.
    f. Obtaining Employment Visa from Immigration Department.
    It should be noted that the above govt. bodies are independent entities and approval from one is required to be submitted to the other.
    You would need to submit the following documents for starting the process.
    1. Highest academic qualification (original).
    2. Highest Professional qualification (original).
    3. Police clearance (original) from the area where you reside.
    The above 3 original documents are to be apostilled by the respective State Government / Ministry of External Affairs. This can be done by either the candidate directly or if sent to the School, by the school. There are also agencies that do this work on chargeable basis. (Please refer to http://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm)
    Apart from the above, you should also send the following documents (No Apostille required):
    4. Copies of the first two and last two pages of your passport which should be valid for at least a year.
    5. Four Passport size photographs with blue background, taken not earlier than six months.
    6. Original Mark sheets of academic qualifications.
    7. Original Mark sheets of professional qualifications.
    8. Employment format prescribed by Ministry of Education, Oman which is sent to you by us.
    All the above 8 documents are to be sent to the school office address at the same time. An international courier service with tracking facilities is recommended in order to avoid delay through postal services.
    The School address is:
    The Principal,
    Indian School AL Wadi AL Kabir
    P.O. Box.513, Postal Code 117, Al Wadi Al Kabir,
    Sultanate of Oman
    Phone: +968 24816633

2  Will I get an acknowledgement on receipt of my original documents?

  • Yes, you will receive a mail on receipt of all the above documents.

  As this process of obtaining a visa appears to be lengthy, do I get an update on the current status at different stages of the process?

  • Yes, at every stage you will be informed on the current status of the progress.

  When do I resign from my current job in India?

  • We suggest that you should not resign from your current job until we have completed stage (d), that is we have obtained a Labour Clearance for you from the Ministry of Man Power. Now the time required to complete the process would be approximately 1 month. That we assume would be the notice period that your current employer would expect from you. We will inform you as soon as this stage is reached.

  Is there a possibility that my visa application could be rejected though there is Labour Clearance from the MOM?

  • Yes, this is a possibility if your Certificate of Medically Fit from a GAMCA Center is negative or your Passport expiry is less than 6 months.

  Is there any instance where after being issued an Employment Visa, a candidate is not permitted to enter Oman?

  • In normal circumstances this does not happen. Please follow the instructions the School Office will give you before finalising travel arrangements.

  Will I be received at the Airport?

  • Yes, the school administration will arrange to receive you at the Airport and take you to the allotted accommodation.

  • 8
      How do I arrange local currency for my immediate purchases?

  • The School accounts office will provide you an advance of Omani Rials 100/- to meet your immediate expenses. If you would like to bring in some money with you, it is best brought in Rials Omani or US Dollars. You do not really need to bring in a lot with you.

  • 9
      Is accommodation provided from the time of arrival?

  • Yes, necessary arrangements are made. Your room is provided with hard furnishings, a mattress, a pillow and blanket. You are advised to bring the minimum soft furnishings like sheets, pillow case and your personal towels etc.

  • 10
      Do I have to make travel arrangements or will the school do it for us?

  • When your visa is ready, the school will inform you and arrange to provide you with an air ticket after confirming your date for travel. If you are prepared to purchase a ticket, its cost / entitlement will be reimbursed to you after your arrival.

  • 11
      If everything goes well and an employment Visa is obtained, by when am I expected to join?

  • We expect that you should be reaching Muscat by the end of July 2016. We have already indicated the time the completion of all formalities would take. We will make efforts to complete them as early as possible.. However, no steps can be taken until we receive all documents from you. Therefore it is of paramount importance that you act and send them at the earliest.

  • 12
      Apart from reimbursement of medical expenses up to R.O 75/-, is there any medical insurance?

  • We do not have a medical insurance scheme. The current practice is the reimbursement of actual medical expenses from the prescribed Clinics upto a limit of R.O 75/-. However, in certain genuine circumstances and on a case to case basis, the School Management may consider reimbursing amounts in excess of R.O.75/-.

  • 13
      In case of emergency, are employees permitted to leave Oman on entitled / medical leave during probationary period?

  • Yes, if there is a real emergency and only with the prior permission and in accordance with the rules of the school.

  • 14
      Do I have to deposit my passport with the school on my arrival in Muscat?

  • Yes, it will be kept with the school for safe keeping during the first 6 months. Thereafter it will be returned to you. However your original certificates will be kept with the school for the duration of the first contract period.

  • 15
      Do I get a receipt or acknowledgement for my passport & certificates from the school office?

  • Yes, there will be a proper format for receipt / acknowledgement of your passport & documents / certificates.

  • 16
      Does the school reimburse the attestation / apostille stamp charges?

  • The Apostille charges are only Rs. 50/- if submitted through a direct agency. You may send the documents to the School for the apostille process. If however you decide to get the documents apostilled through agents, you are expected to bear the additional cost. Yes, the school reimburses the official apostille charges after your arrival in Muscat.

  • 17
      Am I permitted to bring my spouse or children on Visit visa during my probationary period?

  • No, the Omani law does not entertain applications of relations for Visit Visa during the probation period. The school does not permit visit visas in the first year of service.

  • 18
      What is the cost of normal living for a single person, for two or a family with 4 members?

  • It depends on the individual’s style of living and his / her definition of normal living. As an approximation a person would require about R.O. 40 to 70 per month which would include food costs, some entertainment and personal expenses. For a Couple, this would double and for a family of 4 this could be about R.O. 150 to 200/-.

  • 19
      Are teachers permitted to give private tuitions after school hours, either in school premises or at residence?

  • The local government rules forbid any work beyond the school premises and timings and hence private tutoring would not be appreciated. However, the school Management Committee permits teachers to offer it in school with prior permission after school hours, as remedial work and for short periods of time.

  • 20
      What is the process of attestation / apostille?

  • How and where do I get my documents attested / apostilled? Attestation involves a process of verification of documents you are presenting as proof of qualifications as authentic. This means the respective state government / Ministry of External Affairs officials verify the validity of the certificates and information contained in your documents. After verification, certificates will be attested / apostilled (with a stamp at the back of the certificate that they are verified). The certificates should not be laminated.

  • 21
      Is the employment contract permanent or does it need to be renewed? Can an employment contract be terminated in an emergency?

  • All employment visas are issued by the government for a 2 year period and these are renewable upon expiry. To be in line with the government procedures, the school offers the first employment contract for a period two years. Thereafter, it is automatically renewed for periods of one year each time unless both parties do not mutually agree to renew according to the school rules. The school does not permit an employee to resign during the course of the year except at the end of the academic year. However, under certain extenuating circumstances, the School Management may under the school rules, permit the termination of the contract during the academic year.

  • 22
      What are the rules and regulations for transferring from one school to another?

  • If an employee wishes to transfer employment to another employer, a process of resignation and acceptance is required to be followed that is prescribed by the government laws as well as the school rules. These rules of the government are dynamic and keep changing.

  • 23
      I have an international driving license. Is this enough to enable me to drive a vehicle within Muscat?

  • No, all employees need to obtain Omani Driving License to be permitted to drive vehicles in Oman. However, International as well as Indian Driving Licenses are considered as being eligible for acceptance for the first stage of obtaining an Omani driving license.

  • 24
      Are my family members (spouse, children and parents) permitted to stay with me?

  • There are 2 rules that need to be satisfied for this facility. A) The Oman Government rules at present do not allow Family Visas to be issued for Wife and children till the employee is at least 6 months in service and has the prescribed qualifications to be eligible for the family visas. B) The School rules prescribe that all employees join on a bachelor status for the first 2 years and then move to a Restricted family Status for another 2 years, after which a Full Family Status is allowed. Benefits of accommodation and family visas depend upon the status. The school is in the process of reviewing this rule and may soon be able to offer better terms.

  • 25
      Is there a dress code in Muscat?

  • Oman (Muscat) is a liberal country with Islam as its main religion. Expatriates are permitted to wear their national / Western dresses, as long as they are modest and respect the tradition and culture of Oman. Women wear sarees and other Indian / Western dresses, but again, respect for local culture is the rule.

  • 26
      Is everyone expected to observe the local practice on fast during Ramadan.

  • No one is compelled to fast. However, everyone is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in public from sunrise to sunset. Restaurants are closed during daytime. You are free to eat in private at your residence.

  • 27
      Are people allowed to profess and practice a different faith in Muscat?

  • There is religious freedom in Muscat. Besides mosques, there are churches and temples for people of those faiths to worship in.

  • 28
      What about weather conditions in Muscat? Is it too hot?

  • It is hot from April to October, June and July being the hottest months. However, most of the time people stay in air-conditioned work space or residence. The School and staff residences are fully air-conditioned. From November to March it is a very moderate climate during daytime. Evenings and nights are very pleasant. It rains periodically during the winter months.

  • 29
      Is there convenient local transport?

  • The School provides transport from home to school and back for duty. For other local travel paid and shared taxi services are available. Bus services at scheduled intervals are also available.

  • 30
      Who is a PRO? What is his/her job?

  • PRO stands for Public Relation Officer. His job is to represent the company/institution with the government departments in all matters, like seeking permissions, submitting applications and other purposes etc.