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At present, ISWK has 3 libraries, one each for Primary, Middle School, Secondary and Senior Secondary students The Primary School Library is for the children from std. I to std. V, The Middle School Library is for std. VI to std. VIII, Secondary and Senior Secondary School Library is for std. IX to std. XII. All the libraries are well equipped with books on different subjects and fictions on variety of authors and categories.

The books are well organized class wise, subject wise and author wise for easy access to the readers. Digital system is used to issue and return the books. Books for entrance exams like SAT, JEE(Main), AIPMT, CAT, GMAT etc. are also available in the library. The school Library is also equipped with computers with internet facility for readers. Different types of News Papers, Magazines and previous years question papers are also provided to the readers as per their need. Library notice boards are always updated with Current affairs, Day Speciality and Today in History etc. for children's reference. Library provides most possible print and e-resources to the children for different Competitions, Science Exhibition, and preparing different activities conducted in the school from time to time. All the libraries have spacious reading area with comfortable furniture for effective reading.

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In addition to general reading and information browsing, Library Quizes are also conducted by the librarian in the library from time to time to update children’s knowledge.



No. of Reference books and Encyclopaedia in Primary School Library



No. of Reference books and Encyclopaedia in Middle School, Secondary and Senior Secondary School Library

No Magazine Name
01 Balvihar
02 Champak
03 Chandamama
04 Dimdima
05 Magic pot
06 Teacher plus
07 Tinkle
08 Youngest
09 Me Kids (Juniors)
10 Me Kids
11 Reader's Digest
12 Progressive Teacher
13 National Geography(Kids)
14 Tell Me Why
15 Children's Digest
16 National Geographic Kids
No Magazine Name Category
01 Competition Success Review General/ Competitive Exams
02 Biology Today Science
03 Chemistry Today Science
04 Mathematics Today Mathematical
05 HFI Education today / HFI Education Today plus / HFI Education today specia Educational
06 Down to Earth Ecological
07 Infinite Thoughts Philosophical
08 HFI Education today / HFI Education Today plus / HFI Education today special
09 P C Quest
10 Teacher Plus Educational
11 Science Reporter Science
12 Progressive Teacher Educational
13 Digit Computer/ Technological
14 The Week General
15 Science India Science
16 Brainfeed High Educational
17 Brainfeed Regular Educational
18 India Today(English) General
19 India Today(Hindi) General
20 Readers Digest General
21 Sports Star Sports
22 Tell me Why General/ Informational
23 Time General
24 Youngest Children
25 National Geography(Junior) Geographical
26 Sports Plus Sports
27 Business Today Commerce
28 Balbhumi (Malayalam) Children
29 National Geographic US History & Geography

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Library Rules

  1. Students are not allowed to bring any Text book, bag and/or any other reading materials from outside to the Library premises.
  2. Library is the place for reading and discipline is the basic need in the library premises. So any kind of noise or group-discussion that disturbs neighbouring reader(s) is not acceptable/ tolerable in the library premises.
  3. Without having valid reason, loitering in the library premises is not allowed.
  4. Books, Magazines and News Papers are not to be misplaced and to be kept on proper rack/place in an organized way after use. No materials are to be left on the reading table after use.
  5. Only one book will be issued to a student at a time and the same is to be returned on the due date. Failure to do so will result in penalty.
  6. Books are to be issued and returned during the library period only. Request for any issue or return on other days is not acceptable.
  7. If an item is lost or returned damaged, the student has to pay for the actual cost of the material fixed by the librarian.
  8. Student caught tearing pages/ stealing Books/ Magazines/ News papers or organizing library material in an improper manner will be suspended forthwith from using library facility and further disciplinary action will be initiated by the school authority.
  9. The back door of the Library is not to be used as entry or exit for the students.
  10. For any loss or damage of library materials like Books, Magazines, News Papers and Furniture or scribbling on them the concerned student would be charged.
  11. School Calendar is mandatory when a student is in Library.
  12. Books in the locked racks can be opened only by the librarian present in the library for the purpose of issue or reading.
  13. More than four children are not allowed at one reading table.
  14. Library furniture are not to be displaced and everybody is to be seated according to their roll no. pasted on the chair.
  15. Library rules and regulations are subject to change and to be intimated to the students from time to time to be abiding by them. The premises of the library are to be kept clean.
  16. School calendar is mandatory for taking clearance and transfer certificate.